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A work in progress because there is a heckuvaton of them. Last updated 3:06AM on 7/26/11!

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A WORLD made up of many small islands spread across several regions of ocean. The makeup is something like:

Northeast Ocean: Sand
-Desert Island
-Hinterland Isle

Central/Eastern Ocean: Wisteria
-Terra Firma
-Windmill Promontory
-Clutter Haven
-Vapor Island
-Verdant Guardiana
-Phantom Isle
-Island of Evil

Northwest Ocean: Vermillion
-Mt. Kazan
-Isle of Healing Waters

Southwest Ocean: Aquamarine
-Icicle Island

There are many people and creatures inhabiting this world. The main intelligent races seem to be composed of humans, scrabbits, owls, and boar-people. None of these races seem to have any particular problem with each other, but there are some small villages that are comprised almost entirely of a single race. Also in this world exist Phantoms; spirits or imprints of people or creatures who have died. Phantoms cannot be seen by ordinary people, but they are well known for being spooky and are believed by most to be explicitly evil.
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[As the feed clicks on, Marona's panicked expression fills the screen. She looks absolutely drenched, although for now she seems to have found shelter in a warmly lit building.]

Hello?! Is everyone okay? Ash, Athrun, Rise... where are you? I don't remember what happened, but I think I blacked out... When I woke up, I was in a different city! The people at the Pokémon center said it's called Goldenrod, and the police are blocking off the roads, so I can't leave...

The Center is taking me in, so I'm okay for now. Is everyone at the ranch still safe?
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((OOC: Technically backdated to... two days ago OTL))


[Marona stood in front of the ranch, peering at it, comparing it to the glimpses she had gotten from the videos on her Pokédex. It certainly looked like the right one. And, going off of its location, there was no real possibility it could have been another. After all, there weren't exactly a bunch of Pokémon ranches on the same one route. Which meant...]

Just a little further. A little further, and I'll be there...!

[Of course, considering Marona had run to it after being chased back down by Route 30 by some decidedly unhappy Beedrills, it was easier said than done. She was tired. Still, she pressed on, knowing this was where she would finally be able to meet up with her friends - all of them.

Or at least, that's what she thought. At least ignorance is bliss?]
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[The video starts up with a closeup of Marona's face. Too close up, really - all that can be made out is one large eye. It quickly zooms out as she holds it away from her, and the image begins to tilt as she tries to figure out which way to hold it. Eventually she settles on what is thankfully right-side up. Behind her, a dark, ghostly blur floats in excited circles.]

Is this how you use it? Hello? Can anybody hear me?

Um... I'm Marona. It's nice to meet you! And this is my... er, what was your name again?

Gastly, gas!

That's right. This is my Gastly. Uh... what else?

Oh, yeah! I'm leaving New Bark soon with Miyuki and a person named Konata. I wanted to tell my friend, but I can't find him anywhere. So, umm... Ash, if you're out there, please find me! I can't- I mean, I don't have Confine anymore, but... I'll try to do something about it, okay?

Umm... I think that's everything. Thank you.

[She bows her head towards the camera quickly, and then looks up again to turn it off. The video jiggles for a while, before shutting off with a click.]


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